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Quality link inserts on real websites, without the unreal prices

Dance up the rankings with our goat-tastic link insert service.

Your self-serve link insert platform that fulfils your backlinks as and when, and how many your want.

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We have relationships with real site owners in various niches.

No PBNs. No Author Bios. No Sponsored Posts.

We vet all our sites to ensure they get actual traffic from Google.


Selecting your ideal links is easy with our in-house custom-designed interface.

You can search our database by filtering the niche, DR, organic traffic, and price.

Every day new sites are added to our inventory


Our skilled mountain goats help you scale the serps.

We help place your backlinks into aged, relevant articles.

No more painstakingly reaching out manually to site owners pleading for links.

How It Works

  1. Sign up
  2. Search for your desired backlink from our inventory
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  5. Pay for the links... then see your rankings climb!

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The Goat Digital Team,

We're a team of SEOs who have been around the field for well over a decade now.

Goat Digital started with us wanting to scale our outreach process and realised we had a built an amazing system, and importantly a database of quality real site owners with traffic.

We trained our herd of goats to shepherd your link placements, to give your sites a big hee-haw!

Scape Goat & Goat-Tee

Goat Digital Team

Our Goat Devotees


I was referred by a friend as I have just started doing outreach. Cost was a big factor for choosing Goat Digital, links have been much more affordable. These guys form part of my online strategy as they make picking the backlinks I want super easy. I wasn't waiting around for the links to be placed either.

Paul B

I'm really impressed with the service Goat Digital offer. Firstly, I LOVE the fact you can easily see the niche of the site, the DR, and the traffic levels before you commit to purchasing a link. It means you're not going into things blind and don't need to do loads of research yourself. Secondly, the speed of the service is exceptional. I'm a very happy customer and I'll certainly be back for more!

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Where will my links be placed?

Your links will be placed contextually within high quality relevant content which will form a new post on your chosen site. You won’t get any author bio links with this service.

Can I see the domain before ordering the link insert?

No, only after the order has been fulfilled will you be able to see the domain. We do this to ensure these domains are not overly used and that we maintain their potency.

All our sites in our database are real sites and so we wish to also protect their owners.

How safe is it to buy these links for my website?

Any form of link building carries a certain amount of risk as google penalises websites for having dodgy links. However, link inserts are one of the safest forms of link building as you're acquiring them from legitimate sources, real websites with real visitors.

How long will your Link Inserts stay up for?

We guarantee your link will remain for one-year. If for any reason they are removed we will replace the link with a similar site.

What is the turnaround time?

Our current turnaround time is around 7-14 days.

Are there niches you don't work in?

Yes, there are which include: Adult, pharma, drugs, gambling and any niches that promote hate or violence. If sites are listed as covering drugs or gambling topics then obviously we can process orders for those topics but only for the specific sites which are listed as covering those topics.

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